Install & Setup Password Guide for WAMP

15  steps to setup root password in wamp

step 1

In this guide for WAMP, we will show you how to install and setup password for WAMPSERVER. There are too many ways to setup password, but here we only show the easiest but security way for WAMP

Note: Before attempting any change, even the first time password setup, you should perform a full backup; check the Setup Backup guide for WAMP on this website. This guide is used WampServer 2F on Windows 7, so check on the altenate screenshot image if using other version.

To setup password, left click on wamp tray icon to pop up the Main Menu and select phpMyAdmin (wamp2f1.jpg or wamp2c1.jpg)

step 2

In phpMyAdmin windows, if this is the first time password setup, you will see the warning that MySQL has default user “root” with no password, and that’s what we try to correct here by left clicking on Privileges tab or link (wamp2f2.jpg or wamp2c2.jpg)

step 3

In the next windows, you should have user “root”, host is “localhost” and password is “no”; click on the icon in the end of the line to edit privilege for user “root” (wamp2f3.jpg or wamp2c3.jpg)

Note: If you have more than one user “root”, do not panic, and keep follow this guide and you will eventually see the section to setup password for other user “root”

step 4

In the next windows, scroll down to section Change Password to input your desire password twice, then click Go right under that table (wamp2f4.jpg or wamp2c4.jpg)

step 5

After click Go, you will get the windows with confirmation message that MySQL just set the password for user “root” (wamp2f5.jpg or wamp2c5.jpg)

step 6

Don’t close the windows yet, just minimize it and open the file in folder C:/wamp/apps/phpmyadmin3.1.1 (wamp2f6.jpg or wamp2c6.jpg)

Note: If you have different phpMyAdmin version, select your correct version

step 7

If using older phpMyAdmin version, the file greets you with the warning message “Do not edit…” 😦 (wamp2f7.jpg or wamp2c7.jpg). It only warns people don’t know what to do, but you follows this guide and have nothing to worry about

step 8

Next step is to add a line of codes below (wamp2f8.jpg or wamp2c8.jpg) before the Server Configuration settings $i++ or $i = 0; if using older phpMyAdmin version, just scroll down and search for it

$cfg[‘blowfish_secret’] = ”;

step 9

Now, make up and input your desire secret passphase which should NOT be the same with the password that put in phpMyAdmin in step 4 (wamp2f9.jpg or wamp2c9.jpg)

step 10

This step is to scroll down and find this codes (wamp2f10.jpg or wamp2c10.jpg)

$cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘auth_type’] = ‘config’; // Authentication method (config, http or cookie based)?

step 11

Now, change the authentication “config” to “cookie” which will shows the Login windows everytime a user connects to phpMyAdmin (wamp2f11.jpg or wamp2c11.jpg)

step 12

Option: If you don’t use phpMyAdmin so often, you should perform this extra step which has a benefit to open to retrieve forgotten password; otherwise, skip this step for more security, especially if your computer has more than one user

Step 12 is to scroll down and find this codes below (wamp2f12.jpg or wamp2c12.jpg), and input between single quote the password that you’ve used in phpMyAdmin in step 4

$cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘password’] = ”; // MySQL password (only needed

step 13

Now is the time to save all open files, close all open browsers, restart wamp server by right click on wamp tray icon to access Secondary Menu and select Exit (wamp2f13.jpg or wamp2c13.jpg)

step 14

After wamp restart, left click on wamp tray icon to access Main Menu and select phpMyAdmin to pop up the Login page for phpMyAdmin, which you can login with user “root” and the password you just setup in step 4(wamp2f14.jpg or wamp2c14.jpg)

step 15

After login, you might see warning message “Cannot load mcrypt extension…” (wamp2f15.jpg or wamp2c15.jpg); then, left click on wamp tray icon and select PHP, then PHP Extensions, then scroll down to click on php_mcrypt (wamp2f16.jpg or wamp2c16.jpg).

Note: If you have more than one user “root”, repeat step 1 to step 5 to set password for each and all other user “root”

Congratulation!!! You just finish setup password for Wamp 😉

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